can learn new tricks .... and remember a few old ones as well!

We’ve found that there’s nothing like the arrival of a new puppy in the house hold to “zap” new life into an older dog! It seems to bring out all the “Grandfather / Grandmother” instincts in them.

Be aware, however, that the much loved old family friend who appears to be quite happy to have its ears and tail chewed, will - sooner or later - issue a very stern warning to the youngster.
Be aware also that by simply “rolling over for more”, the older bigger dog can seriously injure the puppy.

So, having said that, here’s how we do it

  • Sit on a comfortable chair, with the puppy on your lap, at such a height, that the “older”dog

        doesn’t have to jump up to reach it.

  • Allow the older dog into the room and make a fuss of it, always bearing in mind that you have a young puppy on your lap!

  • Let the older dog sniff, lick the puppy, and generally explore and get to know it.

  • For the first meeting, 2 - 3 minutes is more than enough for both of them.

  • Remove the puppy from the room - and return to make a fuss of the older dog.

  • On the second or third meeting, if all seems safe, allow the puppy onto the floor, and watch carefully - 3 to 4 minutes maximum.
    Then remove the puppy, and then return to make a fuss of the older dog - very important.

  • Repeat this, at least twice daily, preferably after the older dog has been fed.
     No - it won’t eat the puppy - it’ll just feel rather more secure and comfortable!

  • If the older dog should happen to walk into the area where the puppy pen is, don’t send it away.
    It’s only trying to be “friends”.

  • Welcome it - and encourage it - it’s exactly what you want to happen.

Just in passing ..... sadly .....
A new puppy cannot revive an old, unfit, and dying dog.
Have a little respect for your “old  friend”- let it see out its time in peace.
Then - when it feels “right” - start again.

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