... but please, ..... not in the pond ...

I once came across a magazine that listed all the things in a garden that were “bad” for dogs.
I concluded that I had two options - either buy masses of paving stones, or sell the dogs.

I did neither.

The obvious dangers that can kill a child are the same dangers that can kill a puppy even more so.

  • Sharp tools, including rakes, saws, forks and other lethal items, shouldn’t be left lying around.

  • Weed-killer, antifreeze, fertilizers, potting compost, creosote, petrol, slug pellets, poisons and their sprinklers, brushes and watering-cans used, should be well kept out of reach.

  • Beware of berries, seed pods and bulbs. Allowing your puppy to dig up dad’s daffodils, can be very unhealthy ( in more ways than one!) - see "POISON PLANTS"

  • Ponds - all too often the silent killer as far as puppies are concerned!
    They’re usually designed with a big lip or overhang around the edge.
    A gundogs love of water, combined with the fascination of seeing nice pink  fish swimming, can often prove too much and in it goes! 
    Sadly, because of the overhang, a puppy can find it impossible to get out again.
    The water will probably be too deep for it to stand - it will become exhausted - and drown! 
    Provide secure fencing around the pond until the puppy is at least 1 year old and at least a proven swimmer.

  • Even then, build “easy” steps for it to climb out - I beg of you!

  • Swimming Pools - are even worse than ponds.
    Deep water + high sides + nothing but a vertical ladder up which to escape, can easily spell disaster for any dog.

  • Snakes and stings - a problem during the warmer weather - see "FIRST AID TIPS"

  • Ticks”- can be caught from fox, deer, sheep and hedgehogs and  need to be removed by a Vet.
    Please don’t try it yourself.

    Just in passing .........
    Why do dogs eat grass and weeds etc?

    Well - they may be “weeds” to you and me, but  to your dog, they’re a valuable scource of vitamins and minerals that form part of their natural diet.
    New Spring grass, which happens to contain a high level of a form of sugar, is a real favourite.

    Unfortunately, they can only digest the very youngest and softest parts.
    The rest will come back up again.

    Don’t worry - its perfectly natural - unless it happens on the carpet!

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