.. and who’s going to look after me? ...

Dropping off your young puppy - on the way to the airport, at the local kennels is - quite frankly “not the best” that you could do for it. The chances are that your dog has become very used to its home comforts - like sleeping in the kitchen in its own bed. The chances are that, in boarding kennels, your dog will be put in an outside kennel and run - fed, watered, cleaned out, and more or less left there until you get back! That may be a slightly unfair exaggeration, but it’s certainly not going to get anything like the attention it gets at home!

The ideal way to organise your holiday is to arrange for dog loving house sitters to move in whilst you’re away. This has the double advantage of having someone look after your house, and not sending your dog off to stay in strange surroundings with 50 - 60 other dogs. It depends on whether or not your chosen house sitters are familiar with bigger dogs and the exercise that they enjoy so much. 
It also depends on whether or not you can afford it - house sitters don’t come cheap! 
The compromise seems to be to try to arrange for your breeder to have your dog back to stay.
Most caring breeders will, particularly with a puppy, find a spare corner in their kitchen for it
It would be living and playing with its kith and kin. 
It’s fun to watch how “mum” will often take a very close interest in her puppy - a bit like going home and having your mother check to see if you've washed behind your ears.

Just in passing .........
Book early - lack of space is always a problem for breeders.
Ensure its inoculation certificates are current - you should be asked for them.
Be prepared to take your dog’s own bedding and food.
The bedding helps it settle in more quickly - and your food may not be the same as the breeder’s.
A favourite toy is a good idea - along with a bag of its favourite treats for bedtime.
Try to drop off your dog early in the day - giving it time to get a feel for the place before it gets dark.
Many breeders refuse to accept “house guests” after midday.
Buy a new “ID” disc for its collar - with the breeder’s telephone number on it.

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