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summersbrook labradors - advice on buying a puppy  
Congratulations ...
You’ve chosen one of the most people friendly breeds that there is.

Talk to a Vet. If you’ve never owned a dog before, a Vet is a good person to advise you on the whole subject of bringing up and looking after animals. Those fluffy little bundles need lots of love and “one on one” attention. If there isn’t someone in your home to provide this, then please don’t even consider it. If there is, be assured  your efforts will be repaid.

Please - don’t buy from “classified ads” - or from your local Pet Shop for that matter. You probably won’t get  value for your money - or much in the way of any back-up. Remember how important “back-up” was with your first computer - let alone child!
The Labrador Retriever Club have a very good puppy register, listing puppies available from good breeders in your area, see ... Links-to-18

Labrador Rescue. For all sorts of reasons, there are occasions when people find it impossible to keep their dog - death in the family or divorce for example - and this is where Labrador Rescue do exactly what their name suggests - come to the rescue and save the dog. Having done that, they then need to re-home it. If you don’t fancy the puppy rearing stage, this could be a very practical alternative. It is wrong to assume that older dogs inevitably mean higher Vet’s bills. Given a healthy and wholesome diet, and sufficient exercise to keep them supple and healthy, they make very very loving companions - we know - we have some.

The Dogs’ Home - Battersea. Every Spring, this venerable institution tries to cope with the usual intake of unwanted Christmas presents. All year round there’s a steady flow of unwanted dogs whose future is a bit grim unless somebody - maybe you - comes along.

Dogs Trust / National Canine Defence League. Another very well known shelter for stray and unwanted dogs. They have the fine reputation of never putting down a healthy dog - well worth your support - by helping re-home - or as a scource of dog toys and other accessories.

The Blue Cross. Yet another very reputable animal charity - always on the lookout for homes for unwanted pets - and very well worth your support................

Or you could have a look at .... Buying Too l .... cheer yourself up!