summersbrook labradors- new puppy care
...... and a few hints for those first few nights ......

The best time to collect your puppy is as early in the day as possible. This will hopefully give you time to get home by lunchtime - and its second meal of the day.
 It also gives the puppy time to get some “feel” for its new home - before bedtime .

  • For traveling in a car, we suggest that you sit in the back - and gently cuddle your puppy. Just in case it gets restless - it’s worth carrying a cardboard box lined with bedding or a couple of old towels.
  • You need to be relaxed - talk to it - cuddle it -  and reassure it.
  • This is the first ground root of bonding with your dog - very important later.
  • When you get home - place it gently on the paper, inside its pen. Remember that it’s just had its first car journey and is longing to “do” something. If it does, lift it, praise it and change the paper - (you’ve just started house training) Give it time to explore its new bed and all the different smells - but please don’t go away and leave it.
  • Have a cup of tea / coffee / “G and T” and sit on the floor and talk to it.
    Let it hear the sound of your best “gentle and loving” voice.
  • You’re about to become really close friends.
    Very gently, pick it up and give it loads of love, affection and reassurance.
    If it decides that it fancies a snooze - let it - but be there when it wakes up.
  • Don’t be too worried if it shows no interest in its first meal.
    There’s no great rush to feed it - water and affection are far more important. Remember that it’s had a very exciting - and maybe very stressful day so far. There’s a lot going on around it, and there’s loads of new bed to explore.
     Relax, and your puppy will relax with you.
  • Don’t be afraid to show it affection.
    It’ll respond in kind -  gain confidence and  start to feel “comfortable” - and start eating - particularly if the food’s familiar.
  • Try not to change any routine that it was in with its litter mates. If you really have to, then do so gently, over a period of days - or weeks - a little at a time.

And so to those first few nights......
It’s been used to sleeping with its cosy litter mates and will possibly wake up - and finding itself in strange surroundings - start crying. Get out of bed and give it a cuddle. This is not the time to be “macho” and say that it’s got to get used to it.
 It’s the time for giving reassurance and affection - which will pay off in time.

Just in passing ...............
Here’s a little trick that my old mum told me of -  a long time ago.
If youruppy’s having trouble sleeping - try putting a lukewarm “Snuggle-Safe” type hot water bottle and an old fashioned “tick-tock” clock under its bedding
 Apparently, the warmth of the bottle and the beat of the clock,  feel and sound like the warmth and heartbeat of other puppies. It seems to work.

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